Traffic Slam – Smash Your Way to Victory

traffic slam - pure carnage

Are you ready to wreak havoc on the streets? Traffic Slam is all about destruction, whether it is in the form of vehicle collisions, vandalizing property or, you know, just running over some chairs. In this game, what you see is what you get. Your only goal is to drive around, slamming into as many objects as you can before flipping over.

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Parking Perfection 5 Game Review


Driving games can be the perfect outlet for all of your driving frustrations, allowing you to travel 200 miles per hour without fear of breaking the law or damaging anything but your own ego should you lose control and crash the car. Though racing games exist as part of a very broad genre encompassing sub-genres like Formula One, bike racing, and drift racing, it doesn’t get more specific and narrow than parking games. Considering how much of a niche genre the parking game is, it can be surprising just how many titles exist that concern themselves solely with simulating the act of parking in increasingly tough situations. The Parking Perfection series is considered to be one of the best available in the genre, and are objectively the most popular parking games, possessing longevity that developers dream about. Parking Perfection 5 is the fifth title in the series, which sees the return of the pressure-filled parking fun loved by thousands of fans out there.

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Bmx Master

bmx master

Regardless of whether BMXing can be considered an extreme sport or not, or if it is even a sport at all, it is an extremely popular hobby for some and even a lifestyle for others. There are nearly as many BMXes out there to choose from as there are types of car, and the selection of tricks that can be performed by some of the more talented BMXers of our time is quite staggering, so it makes you wonder about the reason for the relative lack of specialist BMX games out there. There are very few titles out there worthy of note that deliver a high-quality BMX experience for fans of BMXing to come home to after a hard day warming up rubber and being on the pedals. When you come across a game like BMX Master, you should firstly count yourself lucky to have found a dedicated BMX game in the first place, but also rejoice because this one isn’t actually half bad.

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Nuclear Outrun Game Review


Many distance-based games are only focused on one aspect, which is the act of travelling as far as possible with little more than a few variables such as a small quantity to give further dimensions to the gameplay. Nuclear Outrun is a distance-based game with a difference. Not only are the stakes extremely high due to the fact that you are running away from certain death as a result of a nuclear attack, the game also incorporates features from shooting and zombie genres as well, making it one of the most entertaining mixes of genres to exist in the world of flash-based browser games.

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Need For Speed: The Run

Need for Speed The Run takes players on an awesome trip through an array of magnificent landscapes from New York’s built up tower blocks to mountainous areas or desert scenes right through to San Francisco. The whole game is very realistic looking giving players that authentic experience both in terms of visually and the driving experience.

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Ferrari Challenge: An Awesome Drive!

Fans of Ferrari cars will love this superb driving game as it incorporates some great features plus a succinct driving simulation along with an array of the top models available in the Ferrari series. It will be a dream come true for me if I ever get lucky enough to own a Ferrari. The Ferrari encompasses for car lovers, power, good fortune plus the sheer status symbol that means success for every owner. This all sounds very materialistic, I know, but what the heck, I can dream!

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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is one exhilarating racing game that is full of superb action from beginning to end. Its a story of good guys against bad guys, where you can take on the role of both groups making for interesting scenarios either way. Players can even interchange roles as they play by unlocking challenges and events making Need For Speed Hot Pursuit one heck of a ride!

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Blur: An Awesome Racing Challenge!

The race track will certainly become a blur when playing this superb racer. Blur is a fantastic game where lap after lap the excitement builds to fever pitch in this smooth plus responsive drive. The great array of vehicles and weapons makes Blur one of the best games of this genre where fans will not want to leave the circuit until they have won the coveted title.

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Split Second

split second

Once you have played Split Second, you will not be speaking all about Burnout Paradise about giving immense pleasure of destruction in an open field, driving as you wish on the unique sights and terrain, the move to one huge city leaves you heart filled, but Split Second is a bit of a different game than Burnout, it gives value to unending action that includes ultimate and pure action. It might seem the same as old racing classics but it will carve out a special place in your heart.

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Ridge Racer Unbounded


If you just read the title you think Ridge Racer Unbound was just another game in the popular racing series by Namco. But then you would definitely need to think again as Namco have transformed the vehicles from drifting metal to the tools of destruction and chaos, Unbound brings you a playground to create calamity within in a series of fictitious urban tracks set in Shatter Bay.

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DiRT 3

dirt 3 game

In 2009 when DiRT 2 made it to the shelves of game stores it received a high level of appreciation and game pundits gave positive reviews about the game. This left Codematers with an uphill task to meet the expectations of fans of DiRT 3. DiRT 3 made it to the shelves this month. Ken Block is the poster boy for DiRT 3 and is a talented American who has already achieved much in his WRC career and is regarded highly in the driving world. The big deal about this guy is that he drives like a maniac to entertain the crowd.

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Project Gotham Racing 4

project gotham racing 4

Project Gotham Racing 3, created a new era of racing game on the Xbox 360, it was a game that kept the tradition a alive of Project Gotham. But two years later Bizarre Creations introduced in the market the fourth addition of the Gotham Project, it not only had a new and improved list of cars, it also made online gaming much more fun than before whilst keeping the old traditions of Gotham Project alive. PG4 has brilliant graphics, game play full of fun and weathers effects that are unbelievable. This game not only continues the Gotham Project Racing, but it has taken it to a whole new level.

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